why i stopped blogging (and why i'm back)

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*2 years later*

Okay so here we go! 

It’s been a really really really long time since I’ve done this - which is kind of a problem. There has just been a lot in the last couple of years. Let me clarify: a lot of good, a lot of bad, a lot of change, a lot of the same - hopefully you get the idea. (Basically #adulting is really really hard and confusing)

I started this blog in high school and it quickly became my creative outlet, but it also became the best thing in my life because of all of the doors and friendships (shoutout to TDH) it opened up for me. 

So, why did I stop? Well I wish I could really tell you. I think it was probably a mixture of a lot of things but overall it just didn’t feel like a part of me anymore, and I let it sit at the bottom of my priority list. I’m not sure at exactly what point along the way I decided that my voice just didn’t matter enough for me to keep writing on here. It was my fault for letting it become something I had to do versus something I wanted to do. I still read so many blogs and it is just so rare to find someone who seems genuine - who is actually open about their life and their experiences even when it isn’t “insta-worthy”, and I plan on changing that. 

I recently had an ~awakening~ if you will, when I was visiting Carrie in Texas. It’s become so common place to meet people online, but 5 years ago it was still considered pretty weird - yet that didn’t stop us from becoming best friends. I think we can both agree that it’s a pretty crappy feeling that we just gave up on our blogs, especially when so much good came from them. So here we are, making the decision together to get back into the swing of things. (You can check out her blog here btw)

So if you are wondering what you should be expecting nowadays from me, I honestly am not sure. I want this to be a much more open space where I can just get my words and thoughts out and share all the interesting things going on. I’ve become super involved in the real estate community - I’m director of operations for my mom’s top real estate team at Keller Williams, I’m Vice President of KW Young Professionals of NJ, and I teach marketing classes to a few different KW offices. I still run The Undeniable Life, with the help of my amazing intern Stephanie - so you should definitely go check that out because we have a lot of exciting content coming up in the next few months. We started a local group based off of ULife for middle school and high school girls where we talk about everything from starting a business to anxiety and bullying. And I am still running my digital marketing company which is still fun and growing! 

I feel really nervous and really excited to be back at this again, and I hope you guys stay along for the ride.