weekend with elle decor in the hamptons

On a whim, I accepted an invitation to spend the day with Elle Decor in Southampton... the itinerary included brunch, house tours of A-List designers, and a cocktail party - I clearly would have been crazy to say no! 

This was Elle Decor's first time doing their house tour, so it was so fun to be a part of the "test group". We had the privilege of seeing the homes of Alex Papachristidis, Rita Schrager, and Kelly Behun - all very different styles but amazing in their own right. What made the day really special was that each tour was given by the homeowner themselves, so you got to see the home through their eyes. 

I haven't ever been a very go-with-the-flow type of person, and it's something I have made a conscious effort to work on. I am so glad I said yes to this day - sometimes life calls for cancelling all of your plans the night before to get up at 6am and drive to the Hamptons!

This post is definitely going to be picture heavy, but trust me these homes are spectacular. 

The day started with a mini-road trip out to Southampton. We beat the traffic and arrived at One Kings Lane for the kick-off brunch - the food was amazing and sipping on iced coffee while perusing their store (which was of course, decorated to perfection). 

Our first stop - Alex Papachristidis. I mean - can I spend every day by that pool?! He was such a gracious host and I could have sat there all day eating chips + queso and drinking that delicious hibiscus iced tea. 

Second stop - Rita Schrager. How cool is this place? It was amazing to see all of the artifacts she has picked up from all over the world with her travels, and how her and her designer were able to incorporate it into her home. In her TV room, there are tabbacco leaves pressed onto the wall as wallpaper - so cool, right?? 

Third stop - Kelly Behun's 22,000 sq ft. impeccable home. This house was a total show-stopper and I could only dream of living in such a beautiful home that looks out right to the ocean. 

Last but not least, we toured the home of Richard Langhem with Compass Realty and had a summer cocktail party to end the day... complete with synchronized swimmers! 

Anyways, what a crazy weekend, now it's time to catch back up on work!