College Series: Working Happy with Poppin

Ottoman // Tray // Stapler // Tape Dispenser // Regular Ink Pens // Monogram Notebook // Pencil Cup // Double Small Tray

As I've mentioned before, I'm a little bit of an organizational freak when it comes to my workspace. There's something to be said about a cluttered desk making a cluttered mind. I wasn't sure how I would make things work with such a small space at college, but luckily I have found the best way to stay organized, while saving space. 

Poppin sent me some of their amazing products, and I can't wait to share them with you guys. I use the pink paper tray to hold my stapler, tape dispenser, and a small notepad to jot down notes. It stays in a place where it's always accessible and it barely takes up any room. I use the monogram notebook for my to-do lists, and the perfect white pens I use for literally everything. I have a white acrylic pencil cup on my shelf that matches my stapler/tape. And I have the cute smaller double tray on my windowsill that holds my headphones on one side, and the baseball turned birthday card that Cam gave me.

My absolute favorite part though, is definitely the ottoman storage box. It's by far the most useful thing I have in my room. I use it to store extra blankets, and some books and catalogs. But it also doubles as a nightstand that is the perfect level for my bed so I can keep my glasses, keys, earrings, phone, and what have you. 

What are your favorite Poppin products that make you "work happy"?

xo Anna

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