College Series: Snacking Right with Skinny Pop


***College series: Basically, I am going to be doing a few posts about the essential things I have learned and taken away so far from my college experience. On here I will be covering more of the nutrition/organizational side, but for articles on getting involved on campus, moving in, etc,- you can read my post series The Freshman 15 on the SJU Admissions blog

We've all been there, we have all wished that we could just throw in some microwavable popcorn with extra butter and salt, and then cuddle up and watch a movie. We have definitely all then thought, no I just worked out so much today, I can't do that to myself. And we have either 1) caved in and made the delicious popcorn or 2) headed to the kitchen for a much less appealing snack. Why not have a compromise?

There are few things that I can eat every single day and not get tired of. One of them? Skinny Pop popcorn. Let me tell you, you will not find a better light popcorn option out there!  Especially in college, when it is so hard to eat right and upkeep your health, a snack option like this is so great to have. When there are no restrictions to what you can eat, most teenagers don't make the healthy and right options. 

What I particularly love about Skinny Pop is that they don't sacrifice any flavor, they give you the purest form of popcorn and you know that this is what popcorn is supposed to be. Literally, the entire ingredient list is popcorn kernels, sunflower oil, and salt. That. is. it. Not to mention is is perfect for anyone gluten-free or with allergies!

Skinny Pop sent me their to-go pack options, and it was so convenient. I feel like I never have a moment to just sit down and breathe during my day, or even at night, so having a small bag to either throw in my backpack for class or work is so nice. Especially during late-night study sessions spent in the library! (Or, in Cam's case, on his way to baseball practice)

Skinny Pop currently offers four flavors: Original (my personal favorite), Black Pepper, White Cheddar, and Naturally Sweet.

Here is a link to their shop locator so you can see where your nearest Skinny Pop supplier is! 

xo Anna