St. Joseph's University [ Class of 2019 ]



I'm so excited to officially share with everyone that I'll be a part of the SJU Class of 2019!!


The whole college search/application process is extremely daunting. I'm sure you juniors (and even some sophomores [s/o to Carrie]) are already freaking out about it. I'll write another post at another time about my advice, but the main thing really is to go with your gut feeling. 

I always thought I was going to want a big city school, and visiting SJU was not a priority to me. In fact, my friend signed me up for the tour, I didn't even do it myself. My dad and I went, and barely made it on time to the tour (we missed 75% of the information session). But the moment we walked onto campus, needless to say I fell in love. 

Everything about SJU was just perfect for me. So many of my older friends would say about how they picked their college that they "just knew". I never believed them, because I hadn't seen a school that I felt that way about... until St. Joes. 

The campus is gorgeous, the people are beyond welcoming, and my admissions counselor [s/o to Brad] is probably the nicest most helpful person I have ever met. Not to mention, they  have the exact program I want, which no other school can offer me. I'll be studying Food Marketing ( different i know, but I'll explain my choice in another post!).

Anyways, I'll wrap this up! I'm very excited to start the next chapter of my life in Philadelphia next year at SJU :)

xo Anna