Life Update

Hey everyone!!

So, where to begin? I've had a whirlwind of a past few months. Between my birthday, graduation, orientation, and traveling, I feel like this is truly the first time in months I have been able to actually just stop and be present. 

So! To catch you all up-- 

I had a wonderful birthday, celebrated in the city with my closest friends. We shopped, dined at Mimi Cheng's (review to come), and had a great time. 

Then, before I could even blink I was on stage getting my diploma. It's crazy how time flies, but you can read more about my graduation feelings on A Real Girl Blog later this week. 


Anyways! Then it was the fourth of july, and then it was orientation, and then once again, before I knew it I was off on  a plane to Michigan for a week with Cam (which was amazing!)


I can't wait to catch y'all up even more and to show you all the beautiful pictures from my various travels!

xo Anna


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