Michigan Part Two

Continuing on from last weeks recap of the beginning of the week in Petoskey...

For the last part of the week, we did a lot of relaxing and repeating. We quickly got into a routine that we were comfortable with (which included the drive to the mini Starbucks in a grocery store every morning...oops).  We continued on swimming and exploring.

We took a little trip to Harbor Springs and it's seriously one of the cutest towns. Cam and I walked up the marina and went into some cute shops on the way (we got matching turk's head knot bracelets!). Then we had a snack at Dudley's Deck and made our way back to the golf course for dinner.

Overall, Michigan was just extremely beautiful. This year was the first time I have ever traveled up north, and I have to say Michigan really sealed the deal. I'm starting to think that it might possibly be where I end up post Philadelphia! (Chicago has a huge food industry). If you have never been, I seriously recommend taking a trip up to Petoskey for a few days! You won't be disappointed...

A Michigan travel guide will be coming soon!

xo Anna

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