Back-to-school with Maybooks

If there's one thing I love, it's a good planner. I'm the worst with keeping track of plans and appointments (and yes, homework), so I just can't put them in my phone calendar and be on my way. There's something about physically writing it down that helps me remember and stick to it.

This is why I am so so happy that May Designs will be kicking of my college / getting back to school series. I always have struggled to find a planner I really love. They're always missing something. Maybe it's that they're too bulky, or I can't decide between spiral and book binding, or even that I think the inside is boring. 

Because of this, I was so shocked when I received my MayBook. I couldn't believe how compact it was, yet how it wasn't so small that it was uncomfortable to write everything in. Not to mention, I got to customize the book to perfection! I went with their new kraft paper collection, and in undeniable blue (duh), I got the word "hustle" for a little inspiration to get things done!

Are you ready for the absolute best part??? May Designs is offering one of my readers a completely customized planner for free! So, make sure you enter via the Rafflecopter widget below to get yours just in time for school!


xo Anna

Anna Tselevich1 Comment