Life Update

Before I really get back into the swing of things, and maintain my regular posting schedule- I felt like I should probably do a little life update since I was MIA for a couple of months. 

You may or may not know already, but in the Fall of 2015 I started my college adventure (yes - adventure, because it has been nothing short of crazy) at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia. It wasn't the right fit, and so I decided to leave after the fall semester. When I made the decision to leave I didn't truly have a solid plan, and I definitely did not know where I would end up. 

Instead of going back to school right away, I decided to take some much-needed time off. My mental and physical health were suffering, and I needed some breathing room. I was so scared about the possible implications of not being a full-time student for an entire semester, but ultimately it was the best decision I could have made for myself. 

I spent the time very wisely. I was able to really focus on growing my business and The Undeniable Life. The milestones I hit and progress I made in the last 8 months I didn't dream of making until after I graduated. 

I did take a few online courses to keep some credits rolling in and applied to be a full-time student at Rutgers University, which is where I am now as a Journalism and Media Studies major with a concentration in Emerging and Promotional Media. 

Now I'm in this weird place of balancing everything again. I'm a full-time commuter student (40 min both ways), I have my own business, I am the marketing coordinator for an environmental consulting firm, I'm running The Undeniable Life, I'm an officer on the sailing team, and trying to be the best and most helpful sister/daughter/friend to all those who are in my life. It's not easy.

That being said, I really see the purpose of my blog changing. When I started blogging it was purely as a creative outlet and a way to escape all the stressful responsibilities I carried around with me. Somehow blogging got into the mix of stressful responsibilities and it shouldn't have. 

I plan on being a lot more open and honest on here, as well as writing content that I think can be truly useful for those of you considering taking time off from school, growing or starting your own companies, and getting involved/making a difference. 

I hope you'll follow along :) 

xo, Anna