An Open Letter to Carrie: Response to "So, I Stayed Too Busy"

First and foremost, if you don't know Carrie or don't read her blog, you're missing out. Recently, she wrote a really great post that I've probably read over and over a million and ten times.  Before you read what I write down below, do yourself a favor and hop on over to Carrie On Blogs

Dear Carrie, 

Where do I even start? I know I have so much to say and I know I want to say all of it, but there are so many words to get out, and half of the way I feel I couldn't ever put into words even if I wanted to. 

On August 29, 2014 at 8:12 am my life changed forever and I didn't even know it yet. Scrolling through Pinterest I wasn't expecting to see a picture of the White Collar poster, so obviously I was intrigued enough to click and see what this blog post was all about. I had just started blogging and hadn't really found many blogs by girls of my age who had similar interests and so when I just so happened to click on Carrie On Blogs it was so refreshing. Quickly realizing we had a lot in common, I felt the need to comment since I had no idea White Collar was ending (so thanks for like shattering my heart in that moment btw), and I remember bookmarking your site, then going back to Pinterest to continue my perpetual infinite scrolling. 

4 hours and 14 minutes later I got an email saying that you had responded to my comment. Then shortly after I remember asking you to join Undeniable (Report at the time). One thing led to another and here we are 2 years and 2 and a half months later. I would say you are my best friend, but even that's not enough. I could say that you're family, but that's not enough either. 

Carrie, I know how stressed out and busy you've been over the course of the last few months. I know you didn't have such a good year last year. But I can't even tell you how blessed and lucky I feel to be with you through all of the ups and downs that life brings. You have grown so much over the last two years, and you amaze me every day. Your strength and deep care for others is so inspiring. I know that I would be in a much different, and darker place if it wasn't for you. You bring a bit of sunshine into every situation you step into, and just knowing you're always there for me is enough to make me feel better no matter what.

On August 29th, the universe didn't only give me a life-long best friend, but it gave me an entire extended family. I don't know what I would do without you, Sharon and Michael (and Daisy). Our dinners over video chat, the countless care packages, the supportive texts I get throughout the week, and the second home you guys have given me are the things that at the end of the day I literally thank God for. 

We've gotten to share so many special moments together, and this past summer was the best one of my life. Some of the moments I cherish most have been with you; everything from our road trip with Sharon through Texas, to literally crying at your dance recital, to the funniest thing I've ever said at the DQ with Michael, to just sitting at the kitchen table working endlessly on ULife while we got negative hours of sleep. I just feel so so lucky to have you as my #1 supporter and cheerleader through life. It's unfortunate that my best friend in the entire world lives 1,531 miles away, but at the end of the day, it just makes our friendship stronger.

So, yes. Maybe you did stay too busy. And maybe I was one of the people who told you to do that because it's what I opted to do too. And yeah the last few months have been crazy and hard for the both of us. But at the end of the day, you're right. There's no good reason for us to give up blogging when times get tough. If anything, it's what we should turn too- right? Because it's basically the same thing as us turning to each other. After all, without blogging we would have never found one another, and we'd both be short one best friend/sister/everything. 

If I don't say it enough, I am so so proud of you. You're killing it, whether it feels like it or not, and you're literally amazing Care Bear. And it didn't feel right to tell you all of this in any other way, because hey, this is where it all started! Thanks for inspiring me yet again- because I'm going to start blogging again too, and I can't wait to read your posts and leave comments just like we used to. 

Love,  Anna

P.S You know who would definitely approve of this? ;)