Think Pink -- Argostoli, Kefalonia Part 1

Shirt: J.Crew // Shorts: J.Crew // Sunglasses: Ray Bans

I found this adorable vintage J.Crew top at a store in NYC, and it's one of my favorite pieces for the summer.  It's just flowy enough, and light enough, and the pattern is definitely unique. I normally don't wear a lot of green, but I love the mixture of patterns with the more earthy/neutral color palette. (Plus it never hurts when something has accents of Undeniable Blue ;) ).

I took these pictures in downtown Argostoli, Kefalonia. We spent most of our time in Argostoli, and it was always so nice to get up early in the morning and grab breakfast, because the city was mostly still asleep. There's an adorable section of the downtown area that is tiled with marble floor, and is lined with shops and cafes and is a step away from the water. Overall, Argostoli was definitely a great place to stay and spend a lot of time. It's actually the biggest city on the island, making it the capital. There's always something to do and it's definitely one of the more lively cities we went to.

xo, Anna