A S'Whale Time in Lixouri -- Lixouri, Kefalonia

Shirt: J.Crew // Shorts: Vineyard Vines // Hat: Vineyard Vines // Bathing Suit: Victoria's Secret

Book: Carry On

I got these Harbor Shorts from Vineyard Vines right before I left for Greece and they were honestly the perfect choice for long beach days on the island. We took a quick ferry boat from Argostoli to the peninsula part of the island, Lixouri. 

It was so quiet on that side of the island, and we decided to spend the day at the red sand beach (Xi). There were a couple cute restaurants right on the water, and we decided to rent a cabana for the day. Everyone loved the beach, and they even had a bunch of water activities like a floating trampoline and rock climbing wall for the kids.

I picked up Rainbow Rowell's book Carry On before I left on a recommendation, and read the whole book at this beach! It was the perfect backdrop, and was easily the most relaxing day we had on the trip.

xo, Anna