My Definitive Ranking of Kefalonia Beaches

We went to the beach just about every single day that we were on the island. We hit so many different ones, and so I decided to rank them! Some were better than others, but some were honestly a very close call. Ultimately, you can't go wrong with a beach in Greece, but if you find yourself on the island here are the ones to check out!

1. Antisamos - I talked about Antisamos already in this blog post, but it is definitely my favorite! The gorgeous white pebbles and the warm crystal water could not be beat. 

2. Skala - Skala Beach is extremely long, but we found a favorite spot that was right below one of the restaurants we ate at. This beach also had pebbles instead of sand once you got closer to the water, but they were all different shapes and colors and sizes. Although it did take some getting used to. Some of the rocks were pretty sharp, so getting in and out of the water was a little painful/difficult but worth it. 

3. Xi - This beach is located on Laxouri, the peninsula of the island. It was so cool with the red sand (really dark brown), and the cabana right on the water was amazing. Plus the floating "water park" was super fun for the kids! I've already talked about this beach in my previous post here, so for more info go check it out! 

4. Makris Gialos - This beach was great except for the fact that one day due to the waves, I lost my glasses. (Long story). Theres an awesome bar right on the beach, and they have great drinks, ice cream, watermelon, sandwiches, and more. I could sit there all day long.

5. Mini Myrtos - Myrtos is a beautiful beach, but it isn't the most safe for swimming. When we took a boat tour of Ithaca, we stopped right at the edge of Myrtos (Mini Myrtos) and swam in the ocean. We jumped off of the top of the boat into the gorgeous water- however it was pretty cold!

6. Foki Fiskardo - This was a very cool beach. It was super rocky but the water was great. We sat up on these huge boulders on the edge of the cove, and it was a beautiful backdrop with the crystal water and evergreen trees. However, unlike the other beaches there are no restaurants, stores, or bars, so you have to come prepared with your own food/drinks!

7. Katelios - Katelios was pretty to take a walk on... but honestly compared to the other beaches on this list it was really not great. We got some pretty pictures, and played some paddle ball, but there was a bunch of seaweed in the water and there was some trash and not really any sand to hang out on. Overall, not worth the stop when there are amazing beaches around (like Skala which was only 15 min away!)